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Additions and improvements to Moov

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Nov 17, 2021

Plaid integration

  • Moov-managed Plaid integration allows our customers to offer instant account verification and launch the Plaid experience from Moov.js.


  • We finished a project this cycle to ensure all the required information is included on all the webhooks so developers can pull the information that is needed. We also updated our documentation to include a list of the schemas for all the webhook events.
  • Added the accountID and status to the bankAccount.created, .updated, and .disabled events.
  • The transfer.created and transfer.updated now include the accountID for the account facilitating the transfer along with the status of the transfer.
  • We are now sending events for the transfer.updated event when a transfer fails or is reversed, since sometimes things don’t go as planned.
  • We added the accountID to the balance.updated webhook to allow developers to get additional information about the wallet if needed.
  • The paymentMethod webhook events now include the accountID and the sourceID to allow developers to more quickly get information about that payment method.
  • The representative.created and representative.updated webhooks now include the accountID for the account the representative belongs to.


  • For users with “Developer,” “Support,” or “View only” permissions, the dashboard will now reflect what actions they can or cannot perform instead of getting an error message when they attempt to perform that action. If the user isn’t able to perform an action, the button will be disabled, hidden, and in some cases, the entire section won’t be visible.


  • We added verification status to the accounts list and account details.
  • Improved usability of date of birth, tax ID, and phone number fields.

Bug fixes

  • We resolved an issue where a warning banner was being shown when it wasn’t supposed to be when trying to add a new member.
  • We resolved a bug that was temporarily preventing you from switching the role of a user in the dashboard.