Additions and improvements to Moov

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Dec 8, 2021

Test mode

  • We’ve enabled test accounts so you can interact with Moov’s platform without sending real money or waiting on account verification.
    • API key creation for test accounts
    • Simulate micro-deposits by inputting $0.00
    • Simulate successful transfers

Transfers metadata

  • We now allow our customers to store free-form data on transfers. As a customer, you can store any type of data that suits your needs, for example: invoice numbers, correlation IDs, SKU data, etc.

Bug fixes

  • We resolved a bug that was preventing 2FA codes from being emailed out for a brief period of time.


  • We made small text updates to improve the consistency of member role names (i.e., “Administrator” instead of “Administrators”).
  • We improved internal logging across session refreshes to continue to monitor, track, and prevent fraudulent activity.
  • We updated the UX for adding multiple domains on an API key.