Additions and improvements to Moov

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Mar 2, 2022

Transfer groups

  • Transfer groups are now available via the Moov API. Transfer groups provide a way to associate multiple transfers together by a shared ID of the parent transfer. Use the transferID of a to-wallet transfer as the source of a transfer to group them. The subsequent transfer will be queued until its parent completes, and you can choose to make it visible to the recipient.
    • Support for transfer groups will be coming soon to the Moov Dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue with Dashboard metrics being incorrectly calculated.
  • We have consolidated the Moov Onboarding Drop to further streamline the client experience.


  • For all new accounts, we will auto-populate your test account data so you can start exploring and learning right away.
  • We clarified business requirements in our docs and the Moov Dashboard.
  • We updated our SSN requirements to toggle between requiring only the last four of a client’s SSN or requiring their full SSN.