Additions and improvements to Moov

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Apr 13, 2022


We made a handful of dashboard improvements to improve how we communicate the status of your account.

  • Transfer groups are now visible in the Moov Dashboard so you know exactly where your funds are at all times.
  • We made it easier to find and fix capability errors so you know exactly what needs to be fixed before a transfer can be processed.
  • After creating a new account or payment method in the Dashboard, you’ll see sample code snippets that give context on how you can perform those same actions more efficiently using our API.

Node SDK

  • We improved the error messaging in the Node SDK and released the official 1.0 version of the SDK.
  • We’ve added CommonJS support for the Node SDK. You can now use the SDK in ESM and CommonJS projects.


  • We have introduced the X-Wait-For header for use when making a transfer. When you make a transfer today you get an immediate response containing only the transferID to indicate the transfer instructions have been received. With the new X-Wait-For header, you can pass a value of rail-response to tell the service that you want the full transfer payload back after the request has gone out to the payment rail and back. This is useful for handling client-side errors and retries for card transactions that communicate with the card networks in real time.

Test mode

  • Things don’t always go according to plan—we’ve added a new test card in test mode to help you simulate what happens when a card payment is declined.