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Managing roles

Learn about customizing roles and setting permissions for your team

Roles are a way of managing permissions in Moov so you can give members and API keys access to the features they need while keeping data secure. For example, you might want to give a certain team member access to see transfer records, but not allow them to actually move money. In other instances, you might want to give an administrative lead the ability to set and customize other all other team members' access levels.

You’ll need to assign each member and API key at least one role to give them a designated set of permissions. You can assign multiple roles to a team member, depending on your use case.

  • To see how to invite team members, see Managing teams.
  • To learn more about managing API keys, see API keys.

Setting up roles

To customize a role and its permissions:

  1. Navigate to Settings. From there, go to Roles.

  2. Select the New role button.

  3. Give your role a description (e.g. “developer”, “administrator”, “read-only”, etc.)

  4. Select the organization for which the role applies.

  5. Select access level for each permission: none, read, or write.

  6. Hit Save to finish setting up the role. If you ever need to edit the permissions associated with a role, you can return to Roles, select the role you need to edit, and change its permissions.

  7. If you need to add or remove roles for an existing member, see the guide on Managing Teams.

Permission options in the Moov app

Managing Roles in the Moov App

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