Set up your account

Here’s an overview of how you can set up your account so you can start developing with Moov.

Create a Dashboard account

If you are a current Moov customer and don’t have a Dashboard account, create one here.

Get API keys

Once you have a Dashboard account with Moov, start by getting your API keys. You can create and configure your API keys in the Moov Dashboard. If you’d like to test the platform without sending real money, you can start by getting API keys for your test account.

Select test account

Test account API keys

To get API keys for your production account, switch over to your production account and follow the same process.

You will need to add any domains you use for testing and production to our allowed list to help secure your application. You can do so via the domains field on the API key.

Complete your business profile

In order to get live for facilitating transfers, you’ll need to add the required information to complete your business profile. You can update this information on the business details page in the dashboard.

Dashboard business details

Start building with Moov

Once you’ve set up your account and you’re ready move money, head to our Quick start for instructions on how to start building with Moov.