Set up your account

Once you've created an account, you will start out in test mode, where we have pre-loaded sample account and business information so you can start exploring the platform. When you're ready to go live and move real money, you'll request production access.

Make sure to swap out the account ID anywhere it’s hard coded before switching from test mode to production mode!


What is a facilitator account?
The facilitator account is a business account that has the ability to facilitate transfers. These are distinct from connected accounts, which are created by facilitator accounts. Learn more by reading our Moov accounts guide.
Where do I find my facilitator account ID?
To find the facilitator account ID (also referred to as x-account-id):
  1. Navigate to Settings > Business details in the Moov Dashboard
  2. Locate the facilitator account ID at the top of the Business details section

When initiating transfers, you can prevent errors/failures by making sure to:

  • Include the correct facilitator account ID in your scopes
  • Ensure that your facilitator account is verified