Getting Started

Moov Paygate is a RESTful HTTP API enabling Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and returns to be processed with an Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) without a deep understanding of a full NACHA file specification. Hosted PayGate operates as a third-party ACH originator, which means we are able to transfer funds from any regulated financial institution in the United States via our financial institution.

Hosted API documentation


We are currently building out hosted services for PayGate. Contact us for more details. You can also start by running PayGate locally and convert to our commercial solutions later on.


PayGate is configured with our production recommendations. Refer to Moov's Hosted Customers page for more details on that service's configuration.

We use MySQL as the primary database for storage which is encrypted with industry-standard security.


Moov uses Prometheus and Alertmanager for automated verification of our running services. We have PagerDuty and Slack alerting configured for our teams and respond to issues promptly.

Getting Help

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Moov Support Email support for Moov Hosted services
Project Documentation Our project documentation available online.
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GitHub Issue If you are able to reproduce a problem please open a GitHub Issue under the specific project that caused the error.
moov-io slack Join our slack channel (#paygate) to have an interactive discussion about the development of the project.