Additions and improvements to Moov

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Jun 15, 2022


We rebuilt our entire sign-up and onboarding process to remove as much friction as possible before folks start building. Specifically, we: - Rebuilt our test environment and removed all of the hoops customers previously had to jump through before building. This includes filling out a test business profile, adding test business representatives, and even creating connected accounts and payment methods. All you have to do after signing up is generate test mode API keys and start building. More to come! - Streamlined how we collect required information about your business to get you to production. This historically cumbersome process of inputting data is now seamless. Ensuring that we have all of the necessary information to verify your business up front can shave days off the onboarding timeline.


We improved how we communicate with our clients through their Moov Dashboard by clarifying action items and statuses for your accounts. This includes showing when an account has been verified and therefore can no longer be updated, as well as communicating any verification issues with your accounts and what needs to be corrected to proceed.