Use Moov.js to streamline your interactions with the Moov API. With Moov.js, all PII goes straight to Moov so you won’t be responsible for storing or handling sensitive user data.
If your website used Moov.js prior to May 14, 2024, please review your codebase for the url , and update the url to Moov.js v0.6.12 guarantees a seamless transition to all future Moov.js releases. Prior to this update, it was possible for users to cache outdated versions of Moov.js in their local browsers and experience page-breaking 404 errors.

When making calls from the browser, you’ll need to specify scopes when generating an access token. Scopes specify what actions an account can take. When generating an OAuth2 access token, you’ll include the name of the scope that covers the type of access needed. You’ll use a generated token for each API call you make.