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Introduction to Moov

Learn the core concepts of Moov so you can really hit the ground running.

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Set up your account

Create your account, your API keys, and invite your coworkers to join you.

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Quick start

Copy and paste code samples to get money moving right away.

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Use cases

Accept card payments

With Moov, you can build a checkout flow for accepting payments. For example, merchants selling goods or services through your platform may want to take card payments from their customers.

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Collect payments

This guide covers the flow for businesses looking to collect funds from other accounts. Note that this use case is only available for business accounts.

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Facilitate account-to-account transfers

If you’re looking for a way to facilitate a payment between two accounts on your platform, this guide will cover the flow for your use case

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Issue cards

Card issuing is currently in a closed beta — ask our Sales team for more information. Moov makes spending money in a wallet easy by enabling platforms to issue cards to their customers.

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Pay out money

At Moov, we think of payouts as any instance where you need to distribute funds to a payee. For example, you could be sending money to gig workers, contractors, or employees.

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Transfer funds to yourself

When the same person or company is on both sides of a transfer, we call that a self-to-self transfer. Learn more about the self-to-self transfer flow.

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Transfer wallet-to-wallet

Wallet-to-wallet transfers provide flexibility for how and when you access funds. Learn more about wallet based use cases.

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API reference

View all backend API requests and responses.

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Moov Drops

Prebuilt UI components that help you get to market faster.

Card link

The card link Drop enables Moov customers to register a user’s credit card in the most secure and seamless way possible.

Issued card

Securely display the details of an issued card.


Onboard individuals or businesses easily, even if they require verification.

Payment methods

Help your users set up and manage their linked bank accounts and cards.

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Moov Dashboard

One dashboard for your entire team.

Get API keys, visualize capabilities across each of your customers, view payment specific transfer details, provide phenomenal customer support, and do so much more.

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Moov Dashboard
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