Additions and improvements to Moov

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Aug 4, 2022

Custom ACH statement descriptors

You can now set a customized ACH statement descriptor when creating a transfer. We’ve introduced two new optional fields you can use to adjust the default Nacha file entry:

  • achDetails.companyEntryDescription
  • achDetails.originatingCompanyName

This provides you the opportunity to add more context about what the payment was for, allowing recipients to more easily recognize the transaction.


We made some bug fixes for our verification flow and streamlined the process to account for a few edge cases. We also improved our manual review process by removing errors from client dashboards after a manual review is required.


We now automatically enable the wallet capability if you have the card-issuing capability. Note that our card issuing functionality is currently in a closed beta.

Failure reason codes

We shipped failure reason codes that explain why a card transfer was unsuccessful. You can now see a human-readable code for why the transfer failed in the Moov Dashboard. We’ve also implemented machine-readable failurecode, which you can view when you get a transfer in the API.


We’ve shipped and documented dispute handling for card transfers. You can view dispute information on the transfer objectin the API and in the Dashboard via transfer status. Support for Mastercard is in progress.