Additions and improvements to Moov

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Aug 18, 2022

Dashboard improvements

We’ve made several improvements to the Moov Dashboard for a cleaner, faster user experience:

  • Improved the loading and search speed for accounts
  • Simplified verification statuses (so it’s easier to tell whether any action is needed on your part)
  • Enhanced our autofill address input field by adding support for apartments and suites


We are continuing to improve how Moov handles disputes, with the most recent changes being:

  • GET transfer model now returns the disputedAmount
  • Support for MasterCard disputes

Card statement descriptors

You can now include more information in statement descriptors and receive descriptor information from the transfers API. Specifically:

  • dynamicDescriptor and statementDescriptor character limit increased to 22 characters
  • GET transfer response now returns the dynamicDescriptor

Transfer errors

We investigated and addressed a bug on transfer error responses.