Discover new features and improvements to Moov.

Document uploading

Dashboard improvements

We got rid of the “load more” button and replaced it with infinite scrolling for a more seamless user experience experience. This update applies to all tables that display entries loaded from the API. In addition, we improved our address field by adding support for suite and apartment numbers.

Document upload

We’ve added a new service that allows clients to upload documents to their own dashboard via API. To learn more, see our files endpoint.

Business verification

We simplified how we define business owners. Previously, business owners had to own 25% or more of the business in order to communicate they are an owner. That limit still exists to technically be counted as a beneficial owner, but we accept any percentage now.

Instant account verification with Plaid

We’ve updated our documentation to clarify a few common sticking points on using Plaid Link with Moov.js.


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