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Card issuing

Card issuing

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard on card issuing. Our program is still in a closed beta, so stay tuned for more updates!


The issuing view in the Moov Dashboard includes pagination on the list of issued cards and transaction history. You’ll only see this view if you’re one of our card issuing beta customers.


We added a new clear() method to the Moov Drop for linking a card to clear all user input. This allows you add multiple cards quickly: if you want, you can set up their code to submit card info, then clear out the form to get it ready for the next card.

Refund webhooks

We have renamed two fields in the refund.createdand refund.updated webhook events to match the field naming with our platform. Note that originalTransferID is now transferID and refundTransferID is now refundID. We’ll support the old fields for 1 month before deprecating.

Dispute webhooks

The dispute.created webhook now supports transferID vs. transactionID that previously did not link back to anything in our system.

Bug fixes

  • We resolved an issue where patching an account could unexpectedly fail
  • We fixed a bug where Moov Drops could throw an error in certain situations where a valid JWT was used
  • We addressed some broken links and made some minor improvements to our Node SDK documentation