Discover new features and improvements to Moov.

Wallet transaction and Apple Pay

Wallet transactions

We now provide insight into funds that move in and out of an account’s wallet at a granular level. Every Moov transfer that involves a wallet will also have a corresponding transaction representing how the wallet is impacted. This creates greater visibility into things like fees earned, disputes, and refunds. This record of wallet transactions also enables historical balance tracking. To learn more about this feature and the different transaction types, read our wallet transactions guide.

Apple Pay

Moov now supports Apple Pay as a way to accept card payments. Read our guide on accepting cards with Apple Pay to learn more.


We gave the interface a fresh coat of paint. New colors help shine a light on your accounts and transfers. Reminder that light and dark mode are available and that the Dashboard is a progressive web app that can be used on your phone or nearly any modern web-enabled device.


In order to accommodate longer addresses, we’ve increased the maximum length of an address to 60 characters.

API docs

To help give more context and guidance, we’ve added links to our guides in our API reference endpoint descriptions.

Bug fixes

  • We resolved a bug where an invalid wallet balance.updated webhook events were being generated for some accounts.
  • We’ve updated our platform to fix incorrect reporting of disputes received on pending transfers.
  • Hidden whitespace characters were preventing some micro-deposits from working properly. This has been resolved.

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