Discover new features and improvements to Moov.

Higher precision, account creation, and more

Higher precision

We’ve updated transfers, wallet transactions, and wallet endpoints with new decimal fields that support up to 9 decimal places.

You can now also input facilitator fees with higher precision. In the POST create transfer endpoint, you’ll find two new optional fields: totalDecimal and markupDecimal. We will still support the pre-existing fields (total and markup), but only one field is required in the payload.

We have updated the GET transfer endpoint to include moovFeeDetails showing each category of fees charged, with the existing total moovFee that sums all line items. moovFeeDecimal will be the precise fee charged, where the pre-existing moovFee will round to the nearest cent.

We will continue to support the pre-existing fields and will display rounded values to the nearest cent. Moov will apply standard rounding on all existing amount fields with the exception of the wallet and wallet transactions availableBalance, which will round down to the nearest cent. This will prevent transfers being created from a wallet where the amounts may exceed the precise balance available.

The walletTransaction.updated webhook event has been updated with a new valueDecimal field to support the same level of precision.

Creating accounts

We’ve refreshed the account creation flow in the Moov Dashboard for greater speed and clarity. When creating accounts in the Dashboard, you will now go through a customized flow based on the capabilities you’ve requested.

ToS acceptance for server-side integrations

For those developing server-side integrations, Moov now lets you manually pass the required terms of service information to us via the account POST and PATCH endpoints.

Closed cards

Cards that have received an account-closed update will have card_on_file set to false and no longer receive updates. Merchants should disable these closed cards.


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