Discover new features and improvements to Moov.

New transfer creation flow and more

New transfer creation flow

We’ve released a new transfer creation flow in the Moov Dashboard to simplify the end-to-end experience. You will now see a dedicated page to create a transfer versus the previous modal. More features for this flow are coming soon.

Interchange qualification

We have deprecated the interchangeQualification field on the GET and LIST transfers endpoints. We will now surface the card network program that determines the interchange rate in the feeProgram field.

Transfer timestamps

The timestamps in the transfers statusUpdates object have moved to the existing objects achDetails and cardDetails on the transfers and refunds GET endpoints. The statusUpdates object will be deprecated.

Along with this change, we’ve updated transfer details to include an improved timeline in the Dashboard. You will now see progress bars with clickable steps to view the timestamps associated with each stage of the transfer.


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