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API reference redesign and more

API reference redesign

We’ve redesigned the Moov API reference so that it’s now easier to read and understand each endpoint. Every endpoint now has its own page for enhanced clarity.

Mobile search for Moov docs

We have improved the mobile experience for interacting with Moov’s docs. You can now search on mobile browsers.

American Express network discount fee property

The transfer response model now contains a new discount property within the moovFeeDetails object. The value represents the network discount fee for American Express transactions only. Note the interchange property within moovFeeDetails applies to fees for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover transactions.

Document requirements for capabilities

The retrieve capability GET endpoint and list capabilities GET endpoint now communicate when Moov requires a document to complete verification and enable capabilities for an account. The same information is also communicated via the Moov Dashboard.

We recommend subscribing to the capabilities webhook for any changes to account requirements, then using the list capabilities GET endpoint to determine what documentation is needed.

Outstanding pending capabilities

We started cleaning up old requested capabilities for accounts. If a capability is pending and has missing requirements for 90 days, we will automatically un-request it. Capabilities that are un-requested can be re-requested at any time.

Bug fix

We resolved a bug in the Dashboard where acceptable websites were previously flagged as invalid.


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