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Data sync, test mode updates, & more

Data sync

Data sync is a new no-code feature that sends your Moov account data to Google BigQuery, allowing you to access your payment data with tools you use to run your business, like Looker and Tableau.

Test mode updates

  • Winning and losing disputes: You can now simulate winning or losing disputes by entering the text evidence specified in the test mode guide.
  • RTP failures: We also added the ability to simulate various failure scenarios with RTP in test mode. See the test mode guide for the list of failure cases.

ACH micro-deposit return code update

An R29 return code for ACH micro-deposits will now result in the bank account status verificationFailed and you will need to re-verify the account. See our documentation on ACH return codes for more information. Note that some return codes will result in a different status for ACH micro-deposits and ACH transfers.


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