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Moov.js version update and API docs

Moov.js version update

We identified a long-standing issue with Moov’s client-side JavaScript SDK, Moov.js. Due to a misconfiguration, it was possible for users to cache outdated versions of Moov.js in their local browsers and experience page-breaking 404 errors following the release of a new version of Moov.js. Users would then have to manually clear their local browser cache to resolve the issue.

We resolved this issue with the release of Moov.js v0.6.12 on May 14, 2024. If your website used Moov.js prior to that date, some of your users may have outdated versions of Moov.js stored in their browser cache.

If your codebase used Moov.js prior to May 14, 2024, please review your codebase for the url, and update the url to

Cards endpoints documentation

Our API docs now reflect previously undocumented fields already present in our cards endpoints.

In the update a card PATCH endpoint documentation, we now include the merchantAccountID as an optional field in the request body.

We also now document the following fields returned in 200 responses for the link a card POST endpoint as well as the update a card PATCH endpoint:

  • issuerPhone
  • issuerURL
  • cardCategory

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