Additions and improvements to Moov

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Jul 27, 2022


  • You can now quickly find an account by pasting an account ID into the search field on the accounts list.
  • Have a transfer ID that you need to debug? Paste it into the new search bar on the transfers list.
  • You can now filter the transfer list by refunded state.
  • The Dashboard overview now includes your Moov wallet balance.


  • If you’re PCI level 1 and have been using the API to link cards directly, you can now use the base path of instead of The latter is now deprecated and will be removed in the future. This keeps consistency with all other Moov endpoints.


  • We made it easier to identify and fix requirements that need attention.
  • We hardened our capabilities service by reprocessing failures if the account mode was missing.
  • We enhanced our verification service by streamlining manual reviews
  • We added an additional security and fraud prevention measure by running all card acquiring merchants through the Mastercard MATCH database.

Bug fixes

  • We addressed a few issues around account creation and updating:
    • We only require a phone number OR email address but not both.
    • Fixed our process for updating an SSN or ITIN.
  • We addressed an issue with our support contact section that required all of the fields or none of them.