Hosted onboarding Coming soon

Onboard merchant accounts by creating a secure link to a co-branded form.

Generate a link to a co-branded onboarding application from the Dashboard or our API. Any existing information you have for merchants, such as names and addresses, can be pre-filled. When you send a link, a secure session is created and merchants are prompted to complete the form and sign up for access to Moov. Merchants can be redirected to your app upon completion.

Co-branded social share image and hosted onboarding form

Co-branded social share image and hosted onboarding form

Merchant experience

Merchants will need to create an account with Moov to access the form. During this process, they’ll give permission for you to move money and perform actions on behalf of their account, and they’ll view and agree to the pricing disclosure for the plan you’ve selected.

Once an account has been created, they can start and pause the session, filling out the form at their convenience. Merchants need to double check any pre-filled information for accuracy.

In addition to basic information, business accounts will be required to provide owners and control officers. The onboarding form supports uploading documents for this purpose.

Business account

Your branding

Hosted onboarding contains several references to your own brand, including:

  • Your logo and company name displayed throughout the onboarding flow
  • Page title and meta description includes your company name
  • Social share image includes your logo
  • If set, the returnURL will redirect the user to your app upon completion of the form
  • If set, termsOfServiceURL will reference your terms of service within the hosted onboarding flow alongside Moov’s platform agreement and privacy policy

Create a link and send a form to merchants to fill out at their convenience. Form links will expire upon completion and attempts by a merchant to access a completed form will result in a 404 error.

Navigate to Accounts in the Dashboard and click the New account button. You will see an option to create an Onboarding link. You can also create a link in the Onboarding links section of the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can create these links via API.

Onboarding link button

Select account type & capabilities

Select a business or individual account type and choose the capabilities for the account. At this time, you’ll also need to choose a pricing plan and decide whether or not to pre-fill any existing merchant data.

Select capabilities

Prefill data

If you selected to pre-fill data, enter in basic information for the merchant, such as company name, industry, and address.

Prefill data

Moov will provide a link you can send to merchants. Created links can be found in the Accounts > Onboarding links section if you need to access them again.


You can track whether a merchant has created an account and started to complete the form in the Accounts > Onboarding links section of the Dashboard. The Dashboard will also alert you if newly created accounts have any outstanding capability requirements.

Form status

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