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Improvements and bug fixes


We’ve enhanced our Apple Pay solution to obtain the cardholder’s billing address so that it can be submitted for an AVS check. AVS (Address Verification System) is a fraud prevention tool that verifies that the billing address matches the address of the cardholder. See our Apple Pay docs for more information.

For those looking to implement this update, please note:

  • We made a new billingContact object available within Moov’s Link Apple Pay token request
  • We strongly recommended setting postalAddress as a required billing contact field in the Apple Pay client-side implementation so that the cardholder’s information is sent to your app. Read the Apple documentation on requiredBillingContactFields for more details.

Bug fixes

We fixed a few minor bugs in the Moov Dashboard:

  • When a card on file is activated in the payment methods list, the new status now appears immediately rather than after a user refreshes
  • The documents page communicates the correct maximum number of documents you can upload for an account

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