Managing accounts

Use this guide to learn how to view information about the accounts you’ve created.

The Accounts tab in the Dashboard offers a variety of information about the Moov accounts you’ve created. View all accounts and their transfers, filter the list by account type, search by name and email, and, if needed, disconnect accounts. You can also manage capabilities and associated account files.


Under Overview, view all the data you’ve collected about the legal entity, its transfer activity, and its available payment methods. This is also where you can view information about business representatives for a business account.

We require all business accounts to have business representatives on file, including at least one controller. For certain business types, we need information on everyone who owns 25% or more of the company. Read our guide on business representatives for more details.

Account view in Moov Dashboard


Under Wallet, you can view a wallet’s balance, cash out or add funds, and view transactions. You can filter and search wallet transactions, as well as see transaction types, and the details that initiated the transaction.

Wallet view in Moov Dashboard


Under Transfers, you can view all transfers associated with a particular account. Filter to search for certain transfers, or view the status of different transfers.

Transfer view in Moov Dashboard


Under Capabilities, you can view capability requests along with the outstanding data requirements and the status of each capability. You also have the ability to manually request or unrequest a capability. Read more about capabilities and their corresponding information requirements here.

Account capabilities view in Moov Dashboard

If a capability you’ve requested is in a pending state due to missing information, you’ll be able to see this on the capabilities page. When you click “view details,” you’ll receive guidance on what kind of information you need to provide before the capability is enabled.

Account pending capability view in Moov Dashboard

Account capability details modal in Moov Dashboard


You have the option to upload files for a particular Moov account via the Dashboard or through the files POST endpoint.

Under Documents, you can find the file upload feature. File upload covers a number of use cases including but not limited to, individual identity verification and business underwriting. You may need to provide certain documents in order to enable capabilities or keep capabilities enabled for an account. Below are the parameters for uploading files:

  • Max size: 10 MB
  • Max number of files per account: 50
  • Acceptable file types: CSV, JPG, PDF, PNG

Once a file has been uploaded, it will have a status of pending until Moov has reviewed the document. Depending on the requirements the document was intended to satisfy, Moov will review the file and either approve or reject the file, and its status will change to approved or rejected accordingly.

If you need to upload a file for your facilitator account (vs. connected accounts), you can do this in the “settings” section of the Dashboard.

If you need to delete a document or upload more than 50 files for an account, please contact Moov support and select submit a support ticket for technical issues. For security purposes, after a document has been uploaded by a facilitator, they can no longer view that document (only Moov admins can view uploaded files).

Upload file to account in Moov Dashboard

Account upload file modal in Moov Dashboard


Under Settings, you can view and edit contact, transfer, and metadata details, register domains with Apple Pay, and disconnect accounts.

Settings view in the Moov Dashboard

Disconnect accounts

Once you disconnect an account, the action cannot be undone.

In Settings, you have the ability to disconnect accounts. Once you disconnect an account, you will no longer be able to interact with it. Disconnecting an account does not delete the account, its Moov wallet, or account history. By disconnecting an account, the following actions are no longer available:

  • Edit profile
  • Edit past transfers
  • Upload documents
  • Create new transfer
  • Create new payment method

To disconnect an account, navigate to Accounts > Settings within the account you want to disconnect. You will see a section labeled Disconnect Account.

Disconnected accounts will no longer appear in your list views, but you can still view them using the filter in the Account status section of the filters.

Account filters in the Moov Dashboard


What is a facilitator account?
The facilitator account is a business account that has the ability to facilitate transfers. These are distinct from connected accounts, which are created by facilitator accounts. Learn more by reading our Moov accounts guide.
Where do I find my facilitator account ID?
To find the facilitator account ID (also referred to as x-account-id):
  1. Navigate to Settings > Business details in the Moov Dashboard
  2. Locate the facilitator account ID at the top of the Business details section

When initiating transfers, you can prevent errors/failures by making sure to:

  • Include the correct facilitator account ID in your scopes
  • Ensure that your facilitator account is verified