Managing accounts

Under accounts in the Moov Dashboard, you can view all of the Moov accounts you’ve created. You can filter the list by the type of Moov account and search by name and email.


Under Overview, you can view all the data you’ve collected about the legal entity, its transfer activity, and its available payment methods.

Account details


You can also view all transfers associated with a particular account. You can filter to search for certain transfers, or view the status of different transfers.



You can view capability requests along with the outstanding data requirements and the status of each capability. You can also manually request or unrequest a capability. Read more about capabilities and their corresponding information requirements here.

Account capabilities


This is where you can view information about business representatives for a business account.

We require all business accounts to have business representatives on file, including at least one controller. For certain business types, we need information on everyone who owns 25% or more of the company. Read our guide on business verification for more details.

Account representatives