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Debt repayment transfers

Debt repayment transfers

Merchants that service loans or other debt payments may be eligible for lower interchange fees by enabling debt repayment for their account. See our debt repayment guide for more information, or contact us if you have a debt repayment use case.

American Express

Moov now supports American Express card processing. If you’re interested in processing Amex, please submit a request by selecting Amex OptBlue in the dropdown menu.

SEC codes

You now have the option of specifying an SEC code in certain ACH transfer request scenarios. The following SEC codes are available to set: CCD, PPD, WEB, and TEL. See our ACH transfer guide for more information.

API updates

Deprecation notice

The following two fields related to accounts have been deprecated:

To determine if an account is able to perform a given action, look for changes in the status of the requested capabilities for an account.

New capability status

The new in-review capability status communicates when Moov is manually reviewing account details to enable a capability - you don’t need to take any further action. The existing pending status will notify you if further action is needed, for example, providing any missing capability requirements.

Please review your app to determine if you’re making use of the deprecated fields, or if the addition of the new in-review capability status will negatively impact your system.


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