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Disputes response endpoint and more

Disputes updates

When a merchant receives a dispute, they can now accept or challenge the dispute through the disputes response endpoint in the API. We’ve also added a new dispute.updated webhook that will generate if there is a change to a dispute’s status or phase .

Dashboard bug fix

We resolved an issue in the Dashboard where business address details weren’t carried over from the autofill form field to the manual address entry fields.

Reminder: API field updates

This is a final reminder to review your app to determine if you’re still using the deprecated fields listed below, or if the new in-review capability status will negatively impact your system. Read more for context below.

A few weeks ago, we announced new deprecated fields:

We also announced the in-review capability status, which communicates when Moov is manually reviewing account details to enable a capability — you don’t need to take any further action. The existing pending status will notify you if further action is needed, for example, providing any missing capability requirements.


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