Discover new features and improvements to Moov.

Faster wallet transactions, secure file uploads in Moov.js

Faster wallet transactions list

We have optimized the LIST wallet transactions endpoint so that paginated and filtered transactions load faster than ever.

If you’re not already benefiting from wallet transactions, they make it easy to track all the money moving through your platform. You can use them to present detailed transaction history and for real-time reconciliation. Read our guide on wallet transactions to learn more.

File uploads in Moov.js

In addition to the Dashboard and Moov API, you can now upload files related to an account using Moov.js. This means you can stay out of the flow of sensitive documents and allow them to be passed directly from your user to Moov. To read more on file upload specifications see our guide on file uploading.

Business verification

We optimized our verification logic to improve business verification speed and consistency.

Transfer failure reasons

We’ve added transfer failure reasons to the Moov Dashboard for greater transparency and understanding for why a transfer did not succeed. Read our transfer failures guide for more context on when a possible failure reasons.


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