Wallet transactions

Learn how wallet transactions provide insight into funds that move in and out of an account’s wallet.

For each transfer, a corresponding transaction is created representing how that initial source impacted a wallet. This granularity enables you to:

  • Reconcile a wallet’s balance on any given day
  • Create itemized reports leveraging transaction types (fees earned and paid, payouts, refunds, etc)
  • Monitor your wallet activity to stay informed on the latest transactions

Each transaction is paired with a detailed memo that provides more context about the transaction. For additional insight into how the transaction was created, you can provide the source ID to grab details. The source ID is used to link back to a transfer, dispute, or card issuing transaction.

You can retrieve the sourceID using the wallet transaction GET endpoint.

Pending transactions

A pending transaction will only apply to credits, or incoming funds. Any funds in a pending state will not affect the wallet balance, or be available for use until that transaction is completed. If a pending transaction results in a failure, we’ll simply omit it from the transaction list.

Use the wallet GET endpoint to check a wallet’s available balance or access a failed transaction’s details.

Completed transactions

The available balance at the time of transaction is included on each completed wallet transaction. Once a transaction moves to completed, the completedOn timestamp will be populated along with the availableBalance.

Wallet transaction types

The list wallet transactions and retrieve a wallet transaction endpoints will display the transactionType in the response. We categorize wallet transactions by the following distinct types:

Type Description Source Memo
payment An ACH payment from a bank to the account’s wallet Transfer ACH payment from {displayName}
top-up Transfer of funds into a wallet from the account’s bank Transfer Top up from {bankAccountType} {lastFourAccountNumber}
payout A payment from a wallet to another accounts bank Transfer ACH payment to {displayName}
cash-out Transfer of funds out of a wallet to the account’s bank Transfer Cash out to {bankAccountType} {lastFourAccountNumber}
ach-reversal When an ach payment is returned, funds are either returned or taken from the wallet balance Transfer Returned ACH credit/debit
facilitator-fee Fee earned on a transfer Transfer Facilitator fee collected
card-payment A payment that was made from a card Transfer Card payment from {displayName}
refund When a refund is initiated, the requested refund amount is debited from the wallet Transfer Refund to {displayName}
refund-failure To account for refund failures, a credit will be made back into the wallet Transfer Failed refund to {displayName}
dispute When a customer disputes a charge, the disputed amount is debited from the wallet Dispute Cardholder dispute
dispute-reversal If a dispute is won by a merchant, funds will be credited back to their wallet Dispute Cardholder dispute reversed
issuing-transaction An authorized purchase from a Moov issued card* Issuing Transaction Payment to {Merchant Name}
issuing-auth-release Any funds that were not captured from an authorized purchase from a Moov issued card* will be released Issuing Transaction Authorization release for {Merchant Name}
issuing-transaction-adjustment If an authorized purchase is captured for more or less than the original authorization amount, an adjustment will be made to reflect the difference Issuing Transaction Payment adjustment for {Merchant Name}
issuing-refund A refund on a purchase from a Moov issued card* Issuing Transaction Refund from {Merchant Name}
wallet-transfer Funds that move between Moov wallets Transfer Wallet transfer to/from {displayName}
*Card issuing is currently in a closed beta. Contact us for more information.


You can subscribe to the walletTransaction.updated webhook event to get real-time updates on pending or completed transactions. Below is an example of an event for a completed transaction:

  "eventID": "14980a04-2e32-4921-a771-4959a36534a6",
  "type": "walletTranscation.updated", 
  "data": {
    "accountID": "51015d0d-8dca-49a0-ba70-abfed073f785",
    "walletID": "51015d0d-8dca-49a0-ba70-abfed073f785",
		"transactionID": "51015d0d-8dca-49a0-ba70-abfed073f785",
    "status": "completed",
  "createdOn": "2021-09-02T13:57:50.762679289Z"

View transactions via API

Provide the accountID and walletID path parameters to the following endpoints to view wallet transactions for an account. Retrieving a specific wallet transaction additionally requires the transactionID.

An account ID (also referred to as X-Account-ID) can be found in the Dashboard by navigating to Settings > Business details. Your account ID will be listed at the top of the Business details section and you can copy it to your clipboard.

Navigate to the Wallet section of the Dashboard and click the menu option in the wallet summary section. You’ll be able to copy the wallet ID to your clipboard. You can also retrieve a wallet ID by providing accountID to the list payment methods GET endpoint.

A transaction ID can be found by navigating to Wallet in the Dashboard and clicking on a transaction to open the details. In the details modal, the transaction ID can be copied to your clipboard. You can also retrieve a transaction ID by passing accountID and walletID to the list transactions GET endpoint.

You can achieve a faster response by restricting the data with the optional start and end date time parameters.

View transactions via Dashboard

Navigate to Wallet in the Dashboard to view transactions. See the Dashboard wallet guide for information.

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