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Hosted onboarding

Hosted onboarding (coming soon)

Soon you’ll be able to use Moov’s hosted onboarding forms to cut down the time it takes to onboard users. You’ll create an invite and send a secure form link from the Moov Dashboard. Users will move through the onboarding flow and provide data necessary to fulfill capability requirements, agree to pricing, and accept Moov’s terms. Once users complete the onboarding form, you’ll be notified in the Dashboard that they’re ready to move money. You can start building for this new flow now.

See our hosted onboarding guide and our API reference for details.

Disputes in the Dashboard

You can now fully manage disputes in the Dashboard. You can view, accept, delete, and update disputes, as well as view, upload, and update dispute evidence.

Updates to dynamicDescriptor

Accounts must now be approved by Moov to use the dynamicDescriptor field - an optional field to override the default card statement descriptor on a transfer. View our documentation for more details.

Changes to capability requirements

Capability requirements have updated to reflect financial institution exemptions and additional underwriting requirements.

Financial institution exemptions

US state and/or federally regulated financial institutions are exempt from beneficial ownership requirements. Our account onboarding process will conditionally require a financial institution to provide their primary regulator during signup, which will be communicated through capability requirements. Additionally, providing business representatives is not a requirement for these financial institutions.

Underwriting requirements

Additional fields have been added for account underwriting that detail fulfillment, return policies, and the type of volume expected by merchants. If you aren’t already, ensure you’re providing these fields. See the underwriting API for more details.


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