Business representatives

A business representative is someone with financial ownership or significant control over a business entity. This page describes types of business representatives, and what Moov requires to be submitted for each type.

In order to meet federal regulations, Moov is required to collect and verify information about these individuals. We have two categories for business representatives:

  • Controllers
  • Owners

If you’re providing information for a business representative, they must be either a controller or an owner. In some instances, the controller and owner can be the same person. If this is the case, set both isController and isOwnerto true. We allow a maximum of 7 business representatives for a Moov account.

Before account verification is initiated, one controller and all owners with ≥25% ownership need to be created. Using the API, this is a two-step process that requires creating representatives, followed by updating ownersProvided to true using the accounts PATCH endpoint. Updating ownersProvided is required even if no one owns ≥25% of the business. The Moov Dashboard will automatically bring you through this flow.


In compliance with regulatory guidelines, we require you to provide information for at least one business representative with significant management responsibilities and the authority to make decisions within the business. You can do this by creating a representative and setting isController to true. Some examples of business representatives include the CEO, COO, Treasurer, President, Vice President, or Managing Partner.

Regardless of how many controllers the business has, you are only required to create one. By submitting only one controller, you reduce verification costs and speed up the verification process.


A beneficial owner is an individual who owns more than ≥25% of the business. All beneficial owners need to be certified by Moov. You can do this by creating a representative and setting isOwner to true, and providing the ownershipPercentage. Depending on businessType, additional steps may be required before an account can be verified.

To view the full instructions and requirements for owners, see our guide on creating accounts.


Below, we’ve consolidated the data requirements for owners and controllers.

Required information Controller Owner
Legal name
Personal address
Email or phone #
Date of birth
Full SSN
Job title
Ownership percentage
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