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Composable Drops

Composable Drops

New Moov Drops allow users to add and update card information through your application, with data sent directly and securely to Moov. The new composable Drops make it easier to embed and style form fields to match your brand.

We’re also introducing low-level components for securely capturing any information that gets sent to Moov, not just card data.

See our Moov.js Drops documentation for more information.

Rail status for refunds

Refunds now include a rail specific status in the cardDetails object, allowing further visibility into refund timing. You will be able to see whether a refund has been initiated, confirmed, settled, completed, or failed.

See our documentation for an example.

Wallet transaction history

Wallet transaction history

If an account’s wallet capability is disabled, the wallet’s transaction history will still be accessible through the Dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a timeout issue on card payment reversals in test mode.
  • Fixed a timeout on listing wallet transactions when filtering by source ID.
  • Fixed a bug in the Dashboard where the last four numbers of Apple Pay payment methods were inconsistently displaying.
  • Fixed a bug in the Dashboard where account search criteria was removed when going from an account back to the list.
  • Fixed a bug in the Dashboard where the wrong account ID was copied from the destination transfer.

Card linking merchant parameter

Card linking merchant parameter

A new merchantAccountID parameter can be used to pass merchant information with the $0 authorization transaction Moov creates when a card is linked. While these $0 transactions don’t typically show on a statement, they can show up in a cardholder’s fraud alerts. If you don’t supply a merchantAccountID, your platform’s account information will be used.

The merchantAccountID can also signify which merchant the cardholder has consented to save their information, which allows you to save a card for future use.

See our documentation for more information.

New Apple Pay payment methods dialog

There is a new dialog box when adding Apple Pay payment method details in the Dashboard.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue with transfer list query parameters. When the reversed status is applied, the date range filters now work.

Fixed an issue with the View transfer link in the Dashboard.

Card re-verification

Card re-verification

You can now update the expiration date and address details for a card, as well as re-verify a card’s CVV, using Moov’s new Update card PATCH endpoint. With the new endpoint, when a CVV is provided, immediate re-verification is initiated. If no CVV is provided, the updated details are saved for the card’s next use.

Visit Moov’s Card payments documentation for more information.

A new way to refund

A new way to refund

Moov now provides the option to send a card reversal request. A reversal will either cancel a transfer or refund a transfer depending on the settlement status. If a transfer can be canceled, this reduces processing costs for the merchant and returns funds to cardholders quicker. Read more in our Reversals documentation.

Apple Pay

Payment methods for Apple Pay now include unique fingerprint detection, expiration date, and dynamic last four of the device-specific card number.

Micro-deposit update

Moov has updated the micro-deposit process. In addition to sending two micro-deposit credits, Moov initiates a debit to re-coup the credit amount. Each micro-deposit now has a range of up to .49¢.

Relaxed character restrictions

You have the ability to use more characters in account names, for example, characters like ñ are now accepted. The characters are converted before sending them off to certain payment rails with character restrictions. To see all accepted characters, you can view the name object in an individual’s profile in the create an account endpoint.

Bug fixes

An issue in the Payment methods Drop was resolved where the onResourceCreated event wasn’t firing when adding a bank account or card.

An issue with the way the foreignID and the created date was displayed in the business accounts’ Dashboard view has been corrected.

Faster ACH

Faster ACH

Moov can now approve accounts for default faster ACH processing. Faster ACH processing allows you to bypass the standard two-day debit hold period, kicking off the credit process soon after the transfer is initiated. Based on processing cutoff times, bank-to-bank and bank-to-wallet transfers can fully complete in one day. Faster ACH approved accounts will also have the ability to add the two-day hold period to a transfer if desired.

Account disconnect

You can now permanently disconnect accounts from your Moov account. This action does not delete the account or any associated data with the account. Disconnected accounts cannot be interacted with, and you will no longer be able to edit the profile, upload documents, or create new transfers or payment methods. Disconnected accounts will also no longer appear in your list views, however, you can still view them using a filter. When disconnecting accounts, please take note this action cannot be undone.

Dashboard enhancements

The Capabilities tab in the Moov Dashboard now shows when an account requires a review from Moov. In this scenario, capabilities will show as pending with no requirement errors.

Enhanced account search

We’ve optimized our account search endpoints to be exceedingly quick. You can search by term, status, account type, or any combination of the three to retrieve your account list in as little as half a second.

With broader search criteria, you will now be able to see more than just exact matches in your search results.

Bug fixes and improvements

There was a problem in the Dashboard where the “Review” button was not functional. We’ve updated the “Review” button so it should work for accounts with capability errors.

File upload Moov Drop

File upload Moov Drop

We shipped a pre-built UI component that allows users to upload important documents to their Moov account. With this Moov Drop, your users pass documents directly to Moov and you stay out of the flow of sensitive data collection.


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