Accept card payments

Link debit and credit cards to Moov accounts and use the card of your choice as the source of a payment transfer.

Linking a card to a Moov account automatically verifies the card details with the card networks. This process verifies the existence of the card account and returns information about the Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) checks that occur.

Before a card can be linked, a Moov account must be created. Once the account is created, use the POST /accounts/{accountID}/cards endpoint to link a card to the Moov account representing the cardholder. All cards must be linked to a Moov account before they can be charged using a transfer.

The simplest way to securely collect sensitive card details is by using the card link Drop, a prebuilt UI component for embedding card-based payments. By using the card link Moov Drop, you’ll send card data directly to Moov’s PCI-compliant card vault, and the information will not touch your servers.

Card verification

When a card is linked, Moov performs a verification with the relevant card network to confirm that the card account is open and valid. Additionally, the verification checks if the CVV and address match the information on file with the card issuer.

It is important to note that the verification request can be declined by the card issuer. Decline information is provided in the response body of the 422 error.

Reverify a card

Moov will only perform a new verification request if a new CVV is provided.

You can use the accounts PATCH endpoint to update and re-verify certain information about the card. The cardID is the ID of the card you want to update, and the accountID represents the Moov account that the card is linked to.

  "cardCvv": "123"

Optional request data:

Field Type Required Description
expiration object no The card’s expiration month and year
cardCvv string no The card’s CVV number
billingAddress object no The billing address associated with the card

Note that when performing a PATCH on an existing card, Moov will perform another CVV verification request to the card networks using the new information provided. If the new verification is declined by the card issuer, the previously linked card will not be affected. If the verification succeeds, the card record will be updated with the new information.

Refer to the cardVerification{} object in the response to see if the new CVV information is correct.

  "cardVerification": {
    "cvv": "match",
    "addressLine1": "match",
    "postalCode": "match"

Payment methods

Payment method Description Capability
card-payment Can be the source of a card payment transfers
moov-wallet Can be the destination of a card payment collect-funds