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Additions and improvements to Moov

Slack application

Realtime insights into money movement activity are vital to help prevent fraud and resolve errors quickly. We launched a new open-source project that allows you to host a Slack app and get updates when transactions are created and completed. You can find the open source project on the Moov Financial Github. The readme includes a guide for getting it up and running.


  • After a period of inactivity, you are automatically signed out. When you sign back in after you are automatically signed out, you’ll now return to the last page you were on in.
  • You will now see a notice on the login page letting you know you have been signed out automatically.
  • Invite, two factor, and signup emails will now be sent from you from “Moov” instead of “noreply.”
  • New users who sign up on the dashboard who are not part of the beta will now be giving a chance to request early access right from the dashboard.
  • We now prevent you from removing the last Admin on the account, ensuring you don’t accidentally lose access to your account.
  • We updated the member’s invite page to include the role, email address, and when they were invited.
  • If you get an error when signing in, those messages will now appear inline.
  • Redesigned the look of all our automated emails to ensure they have a consitent look.

Developer tools

  • On the edit API key modal, when you submit the form by pressing enter, it will now save your updates instead of prompting you to delete.
  • Added the ability to restrict which domains you can call our API for each API key.
  • Our scope list now includes, which is needed to read the information about a specific transfer via our API.
  • Added the scope for / to allow you to autofill information about companies that sign up for your platform.
  • We added the ability to revoke an access token that you no longer need. A token that has been revoke will cause any follow up requests signed with that access token to fail.
  • When creating a new access token, you will receive a refresh token which you can use to generate a new token with the same scopes.


Adjusted our sanctions screening to reduce the possibility of false positives.


  • ACH transfers for multi-party payouts, collecting funds, and account-to-account transfers
  • Bank account linking with micro-deposits and Plaid support
  • Opting in to capabilities for informing on data requirements
  • Every transfer is captured in a ledger and broken down into the primitive money movement, with transparent details
  • Listen for key Moov events by creating and managing webhooks in the dashboard
  • Wallets for storing funds or use as a payment source


  • Moov Dashboard (including dark mode)
  • Mobile friendly version of the Moov Dashboard
  • Inviting others to your account in the Moov Dashboard
  • Multi-factor authentication for Moov Dashboard sign-ins
  • Fast customer onboarding
  • OFAC/sanctions checks
  • Profile photos magically appear
  • Business information magically appears letting you change it or simply confirm it


  • Create and manage API keys restricted to your domains
  • Moov.js SDK for interacting with the Moov API in a browser
  • Restrict access of people with roles and access tokens based on Oauth
  • Webhook signature signing example project


  • New quick start guide
  • Dive deeper into Moov by reading through the new Concepts section
  • Dive deep into our API with a fully documented API reference
  • Get started quickly with a fully documented front end library, Moov.js