Bank accounts

To participate in transfers, a user’s bank account must be linked to their Moov account.

Trigger micro-deposit verification for any bank account immediately after you’ve captured that bank account’s details. Alternatively, you can use instant account verification (IAV) with Plaid Link or MX if you have an existing relationship with Plaid or MX.

You are able to send funds to a bank account that hasn’t been verified, but in order to collect funds from that account, its ownership must be verified.

Payment methods

Moov will automatically create payment methods for every rail a bank account is eligible to be used with.

Payment method Description Capability Verification required
ach-credit-standard Can receive credits via standard ACH transfers
ach-credit-same-day Can receive credits via same-day ACH transfers
ach-debit-fund Can debit account for funding a transfer send-funds
ach-debit-collect Can debit account to collect payment collect-funds
rtp-credit Can receive credits via RTP® transfers
RTP® is not yet generally available. Contact Moov for more information.

Use the guides below to learn more about bank account verification options.

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