API reference

Moov is a platform that enables developers to integrate all aspects of money movement with ease and speed. The Moov API makes it simple for platforms to send, receive, and store money. Our API is based upon REST principles, returns JSON responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes.
Base URL

To integrate it into your application, you can use the JSON HTTP API or one of the Moov libraries (depending on your programing language or framework).

You must retrieve your API key from your account.


curl -u "$PUBLIC_KEY:$SECRET_KEY" "$MOOV_URL/ping"

Install the Moov Node SDK from NPM

npm i @moovio/node

Import and use Moov in your project:

import { Moov } from '@moovio/node';

const moov = new Moov({
  publicKey: "PUBLIC_KEY",
  secretKey: "PRIVATE_KEY"

try {
  await moov.ping();
} catch(err) {
  // catch err
Sections of the API