Moov wallets allow account holders to store funds while providing flexibility on when and how they would like to move those funds. Use this guide to understand how to use wallets in various transfer scenarios.

With wallets, there are a number of possible transfer scenarios:

  • Fund a wallet (the wallet as the transfer destination)
  • Transfer funds between two different Moov wallets (wallet-to-wallet)
  • Cash out funds from a wallet (the wallet as the transfer source)

Transfer types and timing

You can use wallets in several ways, depending on your needs and priorities. Below, we summarize different types of wallet transfers and the associated timing.

Funds availability timing

Transfer type Payment method Funds availability
Bank-to-wallet ach-debit-*,moov-wallet 2-3 banking days
Wallet-to-wallet moov-wallet Immediately
Wallet-to-bank moov-wallet, ach-credit-* End of day for ach-credit-same-day, Next banking day for ach-credit-standard
Card-to-wallet card-payment, moov-wallet Next banking day

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