Get started

Get started moving fake money with test mode, and real money with production mode.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll start out in test mode, where we’ve pre-loaded sample account and business information you can use to start exploring the platform. When you’re ready to go live and move real money, you can request production access.

Build modes

Moov provides two build modes: test mode and production mode. Test mode is for trying things out, experimenting, and of course, mistakes. Whether you’re already a customer, or you want to get to know the platform before making any commitments, test mode is for trying out existing and new features in a no-risk environment. Production mode is for customers who are ready to move real money.

Use the guides below to create API keys and familiarize yourself with how test mode and production mode work. You also have the ability to securely migrate payment data to Moov from other processors.

Be sure to swap out the account ID anywhere it’s hard coded before switching from test mode to production mode.

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