Moov accounts

Learn how to create, connect, and update accounts on Moov’s platform.

When you sign up for Moov, you’re creating an individual or business account. When you add users, you’re also creating accounts for each of them. Every account has a profile with information describing the legal entity associated with it, be that an individual or a business.

Bank accounts, payment cards, and transfer activity are all associated with singular Moov accounts and can be easily monitored on your platform. For example, if someone changes their linked bank account, all past activity remains associated with their Moov account.

Your agreement with Moov may include a cost per active verified Moov account. Verified Moov accounts have gone through KYC checks which are initiated by opting into certain capabilities. The capabilities that have been selected may impact the price of each verified account.

An active verified Moov account is a Moov account that:

  • Has been verified
  • Holds a balance, or is party to a transfer at any time during the term
Moov.js, Go & Node SDKs Moov.js is a secure browser-side SDK that collects PII data so you don’t have to be responsible for handling and storing sensitive customer information. It also includes Drops, a collection of UI components you can embed for secure and quick payments. Our Go and Node SDKs provide server-side access to our API, saving you time with less code.

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