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Payment methods


Payment methods represent all the ways an account can move funds to another Moov account. The payment methods available for a given Moov account depend on the linked funding source as well as the capabilities on that account. For example, if your account isn’t linked to a verified bank account, you won’t have the ability to send funds with the ach-debit-fund payment method. Once you’ve added a bank account or card and it’s been verified, your account will automatically be updated with the new payment methods available to you.

Receiving funds

After completing micro-deposit verification for a linked bank account, the corresponding Moov account will automatically have the following payment methods:

  • ach-credit-standard: Can only be the destination of a transfer, taking between 3-4 business days
  • ach-credit-same-day: Can only be the destination of a transfer, receiving funds within 1 business day

In other words, any Moov account with a connected bank account can receive funds. However, until that bank account has been verified via micro-deposits, it cannot be used to fund a transfer.

Sending funds

Once a Moov account has the send-funds capability enabled and a verified bank account, the following payment method will be available:

  • ach-debit-fund: Can only be the source of a transfer

The ach-debit-fund payment method indicates ACH funding of a payout, or adding funds to a Moov wallet.

Collecting funds

You can also use a verified bank account to fund a collection transfer (e.g., a bill payment). Moov accounts with verified bank accounts and the transfers capability will receive the following payment method:

  • ach-debit-collect: Can only be the source of a transfer

Thie ach-debit-collect payment method indicates destination entity pulling funds (e.g., a bill payment where the utility company is pulling funds from someone else’s account).

Moov wallet

Any account with the wallet capability will receive a Moov wallet, which can be used to store money, or as a funding source for transfers. If an account has a Moov wallet, it will also have the moov-wallet payment method.

Read our guide on capabilities to learn more about our data requirements for Moov accounts.