Link bank accounts with Plaid

Understand how Moov’s partnership with Plaid allows mutual customers to quickly verify bank accounts through instant account verification (IAV).

Instead of waiting for the account holder to complete the micro-deposit verification process, you can verify bank accounts seamlessly with Plaid Link.

You have two options to integrate Plaid:

Moov-managed Plaid integration

If you’re entering a Moov-managed Plaid integration, note that there is a 4-6 week time frame before going live. In addition to establishing the contract, there is an OAuth registration process that you will need to wait for before having production access to run IAV with Plaid.

Once Plaid has completed the OAuth registration process, you can use Moov.js to link bank accounts using Plaid. See our Moov.js Plaid Link documentation.

Bring your own Plaid integration

If you are an existing Plaid customer, follow these steps to connect Plaid with Moov:

  1. Follow Plaid's documentation on adding Moov to your app
  2. Verify bank account with Plaid Link
  3. Pass the Plaid processor_token to Moov’s bank account POST endpoint

Once you’ve completed these steps, Moov will inspect the Plaid processor token for bank account information and treat it as a verified bank account that’s ready to be used as a funding source for a Moov account.

You must use a Plaid production keys to generate the processor_token. Sandbox keys will fail when passed to Moov.