Capabilities determine the actions an account can perform. We require different data and verification requirements depending on the capability and whether their account represents an individual or a business.

You must request a capability and Moov will perform the necessary verification checks (if any) and provide a status of enabledpending, or disabled.

If you request a capability by mistake, you can unrequest it.

You can request multiple capabilities at the same time. Depending on your use case, it may make sense to request all capabilities an account will need once you’ve created the account.

You can request capabilities at the same time you create the account or request additional capabilities later.

  accountType: 'individual',
  profile: {},
  capabilities: ["transfers"]


The transfers capability allows accounts to participate in transfers by receiving payments or being debited. In these instances, know your customer (KYC) verification is not required. The transfers capability will automatically be requested and enabled as soon as each Moov account is created.

When you pay with a card, you’re authorizing a debit on your account. This is different from sending funds from a bank account or wallet.

Transfers requirements

Individual Business
  • Legal name
  • Phone or email
  • Legal name
  • Website or description


A Moov wallet allows an account to store funds within the Moov platform. Accounts must have the wallet capability enabled to use a Moov wallet. It can also be requested on its own.

The wallet capability is automatically requested when send-funds or collect-funds is enabled.

Wallet requirements

Individual Business

Send funds

For an account to send funds to another account, it must have the send-funds capability enabled.

Send funds requirements

Individual Business

Collect funds

For an account to collect, or pull, a payment from another account, it must have the collect-funds capability enabled. In practice, the destination of a transfer must have the collect-funds capability if the source of the transfer is using the card-paymentor ach-debit-collect payment method. Note that an SSN can be used as the EIN for a sole proprietor.

The collect-funds capability is only available for business accounts.

Collect funds requirements