Account types

Learn about the different types of Moov accounts and the basic requirements to start moving money.

To create your account and user accounts, you must provide Moov various pieces of information. This guide is an overview of account types and general requirements. For detailed information on capabilities, verification, and underwriting, see the other guides in the this section.

Your account

When you sign up for the Moov Dashboard, we’ll create an account for you. Your account is different from other Moov accounts. Your account:

  • Facilitates money movement
  • Is hidden in your list of accounts
  • Can be used as a source or destination in a transfer
  • Can be updated through the settings page in the Dashboard

When interacting with transfers via Moov.js or any client-side integration, you must specify your accountID for the following scopes:

  • /accounts/{accountID}/transfers.write
  • /accounts/{accountID}/

User accounts

You’ll need to create a business or individual Moov account for each of your users (i.e., customers, merchants). Moov’s requirements for businesses and individuals depend on which capabilities each account needs.

Depending on what capabilities are requested per account, other information might be required such as:

  • Financial ownership details
  • KYC verification
  • Underwriting

In addition, all accounts must agree to Moov’s platform terms of service agreement.

For reference, our documentation might reference your account ID as facilitatorAccountID and user account IDs as connectedAccountID.


You’ll request access to capabilities when creating an account. Each capability has different requirements depending on if the account is an individual or business account. Familiarize yourself with capabilities requirements before creating an account (you can also request capabilities after account creation).

Click on the capability to view the requirements for each account type.

Capability Account type
Transfers Individual, business
Wallet Individual, business
Send funds Individual, business
Collect funds Business
Card issuing (beta) Business

Depending on the capabilities requested for the Moov account you just set up, you may need to provide additional information about the account in order for Moov to start the automatic verification process. For more information, read our verification guide.

Platform terms of service agreement

If an account requests a capability that requires acceptance of Moov’s terms of service, you must display a link to the Moov platform agreement in your application. See the platform terms of service agreement guide for more information and implementation instructions. You can also implement the agreement via Moov.js.

Financial ownership

US state and/or federally regulated financial institutions are exempt from beneficial ownership requirements.

Moov is required to certify beneficial ownership, which is any individual with ≥25% ownership of the business, or someone with significant responsibility to control or manage the business, like an executive officer or director. Moov refers to these individuals as business representatives. Moov must verify business representatives before a business account send funds or collect funds from other accounts.

Representatives can be created via the Dashboard or the API.


The Dashboard will bring you through the entire owner flow, which incudes creating owners and providing ownership percentage. Once you finish the process, if any information is missing, you’ll receive a notification in the Dashboard. Once all owners have been created, and all required information is entered, Moov can begin account verification.


Use the representatives POST endpoint to create each owner. For each owner, set isOwner to true, as well as provide the ownershipPercentage. If a representative does not own ≥25% of the company, they are not considered a beneficial owner. You can set isOwner to false and leave the ownershipPercentage field blank.

After you’ve created all the owners, patch the profile’s business object by setting ownersProvided to true using the accounts PATCH endpoint. This indicates to Moov the profile is complete, and verification can begin.

If no one owns ≥25%, you don’t need to create any owners. However, even if no owners are created, you’ll still need to set ownersProvided to true using the PATCH endpoint.

Next steps

Familiarize yourself with Moov’s capabilities and account requirements. When you’re ready to create user accounts, see our create accounts or hosted onboarding guide.

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