ACH details & statuses

Learn how to get the details and statuses of ACH transfers.

The achDetails object offers a variety of useful information about ACH transfers and status details.

Get ACH details

You can obtain details about a transfer involving the ACH payment rail through the transfers GET endpoint. If the source or destination uses an ACH payment method, the transfers details response will contain an achDetails object that contains useful information such as:

  • traceNumber: tracking number (assigned by Moov) that can used by payment recipient to trace the payment with their external financial institution
  • return: ACH return information per Nacha specification
    • code
    • reason
    • description
  • correction: ACH notification of change information per Nacha specification
    • code
    • reason
    • description
  • A transfer timestamp: Date-time information about transfer status changes
    • initiatedOn
    • originatedOn
    • correctedOn
    • returnedOn
    • completedOn

ACH statuses

The achDetails also contains rail-specific status information:

Status Description
initiated The ACH transfer from the source into Moov’s system has been created
originated Payment instructions about the source transfer have been sent to Moov’s originating depository financial institution (ODFI) partner
corrected The source transfer completed but a notification of change was received
completed Funds have been credited to the destination and are available for use
returned The payment was returned by Moov to the source financial institution
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