ACH transfers

Learn about ACH payments, processing speeds, how to find ACH payment details, and how to process returns.

What is ACH?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers are electronic funds transfers between two financial institutions that can both push funds (ACH credits) and pull funds (ACH debits).

How ACH works with Moov

Moov does not move money directly between external bank accounts. All funds move through the Moov platform on the way to their final destination. In practice, money must move into Moov before it can move out.

ACH processing flow diagram

The flow shown above can be achieved in a single transfer when the source and destination are both external bank accounts linked to a Moov account. ACH can also be used to add or withdraw funds from a Moov wallet. Below is a list of transfer types that use the ACH process:

  • Bank-to-bank: Requires both the debit and credit portion of the ACH process
  • Bank-to-wallet: Requires the debit portion of the ACH process
  • Wallet-to-bank: Requires the credit portion of the ACH process

In order to facilitate any type of ACH transfer with Moov, you will need to ensure the source and destination accounts have the necessary capabilities and payment methods.

Our open source community has built projects like moov-io/ach, a reader, writer, and validator for ACH files. The open source tools are there for you to use, test, and build upon.

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