Wallet balance

Learn how to find details about a wallet’s available funds and how to avoid a negative balance.

A wallet balance displays the funds currently available for a Moov account. Transferring from a wallet will instantly decrease the wallet’s balance. There are no fees associated with an empty or negative wallet, however, a negative balance should be avoided. A negative balance will impact the accounts ability to continue moving funds.

Viewing balance via API

Provide the walletID and/or accountID path parameters to the following endpoints to view a wallet’s balance:

The response will contain the availableBalance object.

An account ID (also referred to as X-Account-ID) can be found in the Dashboard by navigating to Settings > Business details. Your account ID will be listed at the top of the Business details section and you can copy it to your clipboard.

Navigate to the Wallet section of the Dashboard and click the menu option in the wallet summary section. You’ll be able to copy the wallet ID to your clipboard. You can also retrieve a wallet ID by providing accountID to the list payment methods GET endpoint.

Negative balance

Moov will use an account’s wallet to settle refunds, disputes, ACH reversals and Moov fees, which could result in a negative balance.

For example, an ACH reversal can be triggered on a completed transfer within 60 calendar days of the initial transfer request. A reversal occurs when funds make it to a destination, but need to be returned. In this scenario, Moov routes the funds back to the original party by deducting the funds from the receiving wallet. The recipient of an initiated transfer reversal is responsible for funding the wallet to cover the possibility of a negative balance.

See the ACH exception guide for detailed information on return scenarios.


You can subscribe to wallet balance.updated event using webhooks.

  "eventID": "14980a04-2e32-4921-a771-4959a36534a6",
  "type": "balance.updated",
  "data": {
    "accountID": "51015d0d-8dca-49a0-ba70-abfed073f785",
    "walletID": "51015d0d-8dca-49a0-ba70-abfed073f785",
  "createdOn": "2021-09-02T13:57:50Z"
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