Each Moov account can request a wallet, where the account holder can store funds.

A wallet allows for flexibility on when and how you’d like to move funds. Some examples of what you can accomplish with the wallet:

  • Accumulate collected payments
  • Transfer funds between Moov wallets for instantly available funds
  • Pre-fund your wallet for faster payouts
  • Cash out from your wallet at any time
Read more on our data requirements for enabling the wallet capability.

Moov also utilizes wallets for processing ACH exceptions. Depending on when a return occurs, funds can be added to or deducted from the source or destination’s wallet, which may result in a negative wallet balance.


Each wallet has a balance that represents the funds currently available for that Moov account. Transferring from a wallet will instantly decrease the wallet’s balance. You can subscribe to wallet balance change events using webhooks.

Payment method

Moov will automatically create a payment method when the wallet capability is enabled for a Moov account. You can then use the moov-wallet payment method as a part of any transfer involving a wallet.

Payment method Description Capability
moov-wallet Can hold funds in a wallet and use the wallet as a source and destination for transfers wallet

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