This page details the information that’s available to you in the overview section of the Moov Dashboard.

The Overview section of the Dashboard provides useful at-a-glance information about activity on your account. Onboarding tasks may appear at the top of the page if you have not yet completed them.

Overview view in Moov Dashboard

Moov wallet balance

Your Moov wallet is shown on the Dashboard giving you fast insight into your current balance and the ability to quickly cash out or add funds.


By default the Dashboard will show you the last 30 days of activity. You can change the date range to see more or less activity.

Total transfers

This is a snapshot of the total number of transfers created within your account over the selected date range. The transfer count is then broken down by status.

Transfer volume

This area provides you with the total value of transfers created within the selected date range. For durations less than seven days, the volume is broken down by hour. Otherwise, the volume is broken down by day.

New accounts

Find out how many accounts have been created within the selected date range broken down by type (individual or business).

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