Launch checklist

Use this list of recommended steps to help you get ready to go live with Moov.

We’ve compiled a list of steps for getting ready to launch your integration with Moov. Depending on the specifics of your money movement use case, some of the steps may not be necessary. If you have questions particular to your integration, reach out to your Moov representative.

Get your Moov account

When you sign up for a Dashboard account, you’ll immediately start out with a test account. You can start inviting team members to your account and interact with Moov’s platform in test mode.

  • Sign up for a Dashboard account
  • Explore test mode and simulate transfers
  • Optional: Give administrator or developer permissions to your team members

Move to production

In order to move real money you must switch to production. To move to production, you need to complete your business profile, add business representatives, and submit underwriting information to Moov.

Configure your account

  • Generate API keys in production (note that your test mode API keys will not work in production)
  • Create webhooks to subscribe to event notifications


If you’re using Moov.js or any client-side integration, you’ll need to follow these steps as a part of the OAuth2 authentication flow:

For server-to-server integrations, you can simply use your public API key and secret API key with Basic authentication:

  • Set the Authorization header to Basic where credentials is the Base64 encoding of public key and private key joined by a single colon :

Move money

*In order to link cards directly through the API, you must provide Moov an attestation of PCI compliance.