Integration options

Explore integration options depending on your use case and money movement workflow.

You have several options for integrating with Moov, as summarized below:

Option PCI compliance Customization Development scope
Moov.js   Not required Medium Employing a frontend library
Moov Drops   Not required Low Pre-built UI components
Directly to API     Required High Writing integration code from scratch or using our Node backend library
Note that our authentication protocol is different depending on how you are integrating. We require API keys for server side integrations, while client-side integrations like Moov.js and Moov Drops use OAuth2 access tokens.

You can tailor the components of your integration to your particular needs: for example, you may use a Moov Drop for one portion of your workflow and connect directly to the API for another portion of your workflow.

There are a variety of both technical and business-related factors that may influence how you choose to integrate, including:

  • The structure of your integration with your previous provider
  • The level of customization your integration requires to maintain the look and feel of your user flow
  • The nature of transfers on your platform (e.g., repeat versus one time customers, what payment rails your customers tend to use)
  • How your business handles reporting and billing based on payment data
  • Whether or not your business is equipped to handle sensitive data

For specific guidance on setting up an integration that fits your business, contact our sales team.

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