API keys

Use the Moov Dashboard to find and create API keys.

Moov uses API keys to generate tokens that authenticate your API requests. If your request does not include a valid token, you will receive an error.

Create a new API key

To create a new API key, navigate to Developers in the Moov Dashboard. Select API keys, where you can view/edit existing keys and create new ones. Test mode and production mode each require their own API keys.

Note: only accounts with admin and developer permissions will be able to create and view API keys. For more on permissions, see managing teams.

Create API key form in Moov Dashboard

  1. Set a name for the API key. You can name the key however you’d like. This field is customizable so you can remember the purpose of the API key you’re creating.

  2. Copy your secret key and save it in a confidential, secure place.

  3. Add any domains you will use for testing and production to the domain list.

  4. (Optional) After creating the key, you can include a note to remind yourself where the key is stored (for example, “Stored as an environment variable in the payments service”).

Find your API keys

If you need to locate your API key, you can always find it in the Moov Dashboard. However, if your account doesn’t have admin or developer permissions, you won’t have access to view or create API keys. If you’re unable to find your API key, you may want to request access from an administrator on your Moov account.

API keys contain a public key and a secret key. The secret key cannot be viewed in Moov after the API key is created, so we recommend immediately storing it in a safe place. If you have lost your secret key, you should delete that API key and create a new one.

New API key details view in Moov Dashboard

Deactivate API keys

If your API key is compromised, delete it from the list of API keys in Moov. This will immediately ensure that the key cannot be used. You can then create a new key.

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